Riviera del Garda Classico DOC Valtènesi Chiaretto


In the middle of the night, the moon comes and Chiaretto flowers

Color Rose
Grapes Groppello 60%, Marzemino 20%, Barbera 10%, Sangiovese 10%
Harvest Manual in small boxes, only from the heart of the vineyard
Body 3
Acidity 5
Fruit 5
Tannins 1
Service servizio 8-10 °C, 46-50 °F


Mondial du Rosé – Cannes 2018

Technical Info 
Alcohol 13%
Sugars 3 g/l
Information about health and diet

Vino Biologico

Total sulfites < 150 mg/l.

It does not contain any other allergen derived from eggs, fish and milk.

It is suitable for veggie and vegan diet.

Organic certified wine.
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Valtènesi Chiaretto is the wine par excellence of Moniga del Garda, opened for the first time in 1896 by Pompeo Molmenti. It is made during the first night after the harvest with a traditional special technique called “Levata di cappello”: the fresh must is removed from the skins just after some hours since the beginning of the fermentation. The new vintage comes out every year on Saint Valentine’s day, on the 14 of February.
Its color is charming: rose petal with ruby nuances. The bouquet is flowery, delicate and refined, with a pleasant fragrance of wild strawberry. The taste is elegant, balanced, persistent and extremely mineral. The intense notes of strawberry are sustained by a subtle and refined mineral taste, given by the morainic soil of Valtènesi.
It is excellent with freshwater fish and lobster, white meat and dishes with tomato and mozzarella (like Caprese salad or pizza). It is extremely pleasant as a Summer aperitif. Do not couple with artichokes and asparagus.