Bio Terroir

Valtènesi and Lugana

Bio – βíoς
living, lively
environment, climate. People
Bio Terroir
full of life
An real wine. True. Organic.
Made by people. In perfect balance with natural elements.

Our wines come to life in
Moniga del Garda in 21, Pergola Street
where on a nice sunny Winter day blossomed

the delicious fruit of:
millenniums of wine-making and vine-growing in Valtènesi and Lugana
passed from person to person by those who work with their own hands the earth, the vine, the grape

History and Territory

From 1920 to 1979: 60 years with Nino Negri
Behind us, in via Pergola, there is a century of lively wine production, exactly in the same winery founded by the great oenologist Nino Negri in 1920. A place that has delighted for decades the wine lovers, to such an extent to become the subject of postcards of Moniga del Garda.

Vini Lugana

An exclusive microclimate and a special soil
The glaciers which came before the Lake have created Valtènesi, a hilly area spotted with small valleys, and Lugana, whose soil is rich in clay. The water of Lake Garda and the mild breeze from the Alps have generated the Mediterranean microclimate at the northern latitude on the planet.

Vini Lugana
Cantine Storiche

From 1979 to 2014: pioneers of organic agriculture
Cantine della Valtènesi e della Lugana started organic agriculture on the shores of Lake Garda, producing wines in the name of ethics and quality.

Vini Valtènesi

The native grapes Groppello and Lugana are a lively expression of the territory and of the passionate work of man.

our bio terroir
a passion / a mission

We chose to be a cooperative to preserve the environment and to ensure work for new generations, keeping a constant dialogue with tradition.

We unceasingly experiment sustainable wine-making and vine-growing techniques , in accord – and often anticipating - the international agreements and commitment to preserve the planet.

Cantine La Pergola
Logo Biologico

CANTINE LA PERGOLA organic wine is certified by CCPB srl according to European regulations: 834/07, 889/08 and 203/12.
The winery has also been certified by Certiquality: UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 for quality management systems.